Colored Aluminum Foil {Craft Challenge, Day 106}

Make colored aluminum foil art; easy and fun.

Earlier this week, husband made individual pot pies in little ramekins. They were adorable, and delicious, and the leftovers resulted in there being a few little pieces of aluminum foil floating around the house after I at some of them for lunch the next day. So of course I had to figure out something to […]

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Sew on a Button {Craft Challenge, Day 105}

Sew on a button, and add a little flair.

OK, I know sewing on a button doesn’t sound very creative, or challenging, for that matter. And maybe it’s not. But the very act of sewing, even mindless sewing like sewing on a button, is meditative, and who says the thread you use has to be the same color as the fabric you’re sewing into […]

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Hand Sewing {Craft Challenge, Day 104}

Try hand sewing to get a taste of slow crafting.

Because I had scraps of fabric out yesterday while I was working on the circle bag, the girl asked if she could sew two pieces of fabric together. We’d talked about starting her on a real sewing project, instead of just stitching on plastic canvas, during spring break but she wasn’t interested, so I jumped […]

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