Hand Sewing {Craft Challenge, Day 104}

Try hand sewing to get a taste of slow crafting.

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Because I had scraps of fabric out yesterday while I was working on the circle bag, the girl asked if she could sew two pieces of fabric together.

We’d talked about starting her on a real sewing project, instead of just stitching on plastic canvas, during spring break but she wasn’t interested, so I jumped at the chance to get her started.

So much so that I had to share the moment on Instagram.

It also inspired me to do a little hand sewing.Try hand sewing to get a taste of slow crafting.

I picked out some strips, used my simple knot-tying method, and stitched the strips together with a simple running stitch. fabric strips for hand sewing

I made a little block out of them.hand sewing running stitch

It’s pretty cute.

I hadn’t hand sewn anything beyond some basic mending in a long time, so my stitches are a little uneven and not particularly straight, but it was really fun to do. hand sewing block

I usually use the sewing machine for most of my sewing projects, but it’s a different experience when you have to slow down and think about every stitch.

I liked it.

I think I’ll be doing more of it in the future. the girl's first sewing

And I hope the girl will join me, too. She was so excited about sewing that she slept with her project, then when I showed her my block this morning she sewed it to hers along with another little piece of fabric and took it to school to show everyone.

I do love that pride in her work. I hope she stays excited about it.

Do you ever sew by hand? Have you taught your kids hand sewing? I’d love to hear your thoughts, and see/hear about any projects you have made by hand.

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