Creativity Boost: Make Something Orange

Creativity Boost: Make something orange

Did anyone try writing poetry last week? It’s seriously a lot of fun. This week’s creativity boost is a different kind of prompt. Not a specific type of creative act, but something to get you past wondering where to begin that you can take to whatever kind of creative act you like. Because it’s Halloween […]

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Creativity Boost: Writing Short Poetry

Try writing short poetry to keep a record of your days.

When I was in New Mexico, we spent the evening of the autumnal equinox huddled in the zendo, sheltered from a cold rain, talking about and writing haiku. That may be the most pompous sentence I’ve ever written. Still. Traditionally in America we think of haiku as being three-lined poems, with an emphasis on nature, […]

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Creativity Boost: Start Small

Need a creative boost? Start small.

I’d guess I’m not alone in feeling like there is no season that is not busy anymore. It used to feel like things calmed down every now and then, like there was not quite so much clamoring for attention all the time. But it’s been about five months now that I’ve been looking ahead to […]

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