Take Yourself on a Field Trip {Creativity Boosts}

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Today I have a challenge for you to try today, over the weekend or next week: take yourself on a field trip.

As grown ups we often get so into our routines and schedules that we don’t take time for anything out of the ordinary (read: fun). And shaking things up is one great way to feel a little more creative no matter what else is going on in your world.

I did this on Wednesday when the girl was at school. I was super-busy since she’d been sick since Saturday (and ended up staying home again yesterday) but I needed to pick up a gift for an online buddy and I just needed to do something fun.

So I stopped in at my favorite local vintage shop, In Retrospect.

It’s my favorite because it’s lots of fun, and also because I went to high school with the owner and I love going places where they know my name (it’s pretty much there and the yarn store). in retrospect fayetteville ar

There’s always lots of great stuff to look at. I was seriously tempted by some vintage linens, but stuck to my list, getting a vintage travel case for my buddy and a fun printed scarf I decided at the last second to keep for myself.

If vintage shopping is not your thing, there are plenty of other field trip options:creativity boosts

  • go to the library without the kids (I’m hoping to squeeze in a quick trip this afternoon)
  • have lunch in the park
  • go for a walk at lunch
  • visit the book store, the craft store or whatever specialty shop you like (you don’t have to buy anything)
  • or go to a store you wouldn’t normally visit
  • stop by a gallery or, if you can make the time and have one handy, a museum
  • sit outside for 10 minutes

Do something that sounds like fun to you. Not only is it fun, but it gets your brain thinking in different ways to snap out of your routine. And we all need that.

If you do this, I’d love it if you report back!

This post is part of my month of creativity boosts. Check out the rest of the series.

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