The Creative Mojo is Gone

william morris print

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I have been feeling really busy lately. And I hate to even say that, because busy is such a loaded word. Usually I say busy when I want to mean productive, but I really mean overwhelmed and just a little crazy.

This whole year has been like that.

And I find myself not crafting or creating or doing much of anything other than what needs to be done to get through my day.

Yes, I’m writing a knitting book, and thinking about all those projects takes time, effort and creative energy away from other things. But I don’t remember the last one just completely draining me like this. I’m not interested in creating anything else.

Part of it, too, is that I’m in a cleaning/clearing/decluttering mode and I don’t want to be making things just for the sake of having something to write about. I don’t want more stuff in the house.

william morris print
William Morris print via imkellycummings.

Right now I need things to be both useful and beautiful. And nothing is more beautiful right now than a cleared off table, an empty floor, a space where it looks like nothing is happening.

Maybe I’ve just spent so much time inside lately that I’m sick of looking at the same old things and I just want space.

I don’t know. But all that boils down to the fact that I’m just not making anything.

I quit that art journaling challenge I was doing. I haven’t been doing any on my own, either. I’ve made stuff for Iron Craft so far this year, and done some other knitting projects, but that’s it.

I know this needs to be OK. I know we all have cycles and seasons and things that stop us and start us and that it will come back to me in time, just as it always has.
heart paper
It’s just hard to justify these low-production periods when I blog about making things and the importance of creativity in everyday life.

I still feel creative. There’s cooking and baking and arranging and playing with a kid and being alive; all of that is creativity, too. And I’m taking little steps. And I trust it will be back soon.

There’s just not always something physical to show for it.

Do you have dry periods in your creativity? If you’re a blogger, have you ever felt like not doing what you blog about? I’d love to hear your thoughts and what you did about it!

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