So, What Do You Want to Do?

calm card

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After yesterday’s admission that I’m not really feeling that creative, at least in terms of making crafts to blog about, I decided to ask myself what I did want to do. This was the question I posed in my morning pages this morning, and it actually did give me some ideas for a couple of little crafts I might like to make.

Things that are useful.

Things that will use things already in my house.

Or things that might be gifts so I can make them and then get them out of my house.

halibut point
My happy place. I want my whole life to be like this makes me feel. (Halibut Point State Park, Rockport, Mass.)

I also want to continue to clean and clear and eliminate things from my life. It’s so nice to be able to do my daily chores in a matter of minutes and not have to think about it again. I want the rest of my house to feel like that, too.

I want the rest of my life to feel like that.

The more I think about it, the more I realize my word for 2014 should really be calm, because that’s what I’m looking for. calm card

Calm surroundings. Calm people. Quiet time with family and friends. Low-drama situations. More laughter.

I don’t completely know how to get there. I’m not the sort of person who can tell people what to do or change people’s minds. So, of course, the difference has to be in my reaction to things.

I’m working on it.

And at least I feel like I have a place to start.

Do you talk to yourself on paper? Are you a fan of morning pages? I’d love to hear how you use them!

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  1. Oh, Sarah… this is going to be ALL about how you practice looking at things. Life can be mayhem, but it is what we bring to that storm that matters. Granted, I’m a grit my teeth and weather it kinda gal, but when I REALLY want calm I stop rushing. Rushing is what usually makes me tense, forgetful, angry and just annoyed with life. So, not that you were looking for it, that’s my advice for your new little word… stop rushing to find the calm.

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