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As I’m working back from feeling busy and overwhelmed and uninspired, I’ve been focusing on doing the work that I really want to do. And when that comes to crafting and creating, it has been little things this week.

I had a lot of apple slices left from a playdate, so I decided to make apple muffins. And I decided to improvise a recipe. apple muffins

They didn’t turn out great, but it was fun to play with them. And next time I may know how to do it better. Or I may just use a recipe.

The girl has these penguins, and she wanted to sleep with them the other night when she hadn’t played with them in a while. One I knit, but she was pretty little when I made him and I never gave him eyes.

She asked for eyes, and she asked me to knit them and to put them on during her quiet time (five minutes between songs and lights out). pingu eyes

It took a little more than five minutes, and I don’t think they’re great, but she dubbed them perfect. I wish she’d stay that enthusiastic about my creations forever.

The other penguin was purchased, and it had a little Christmas thing on its scarf. She asked me to cover it with a pink heart. Done. pinga heart

None of this was particularly time consuming or hard or even important. But making is always a good thing, and I was glad to do it.

I’m hoping for more fun little things today and through the weekend.

What are you making?

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