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up up and away journal

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Because I’m all about creative challenges and committing to things I won’t necessarily be able to do but that I’d like to try, while I was searching for resources having to do with art journaling I found Journal52, a year-long, free series of art journaling prompts.

There’s a website for the program, but it also includes a Facebook group where participants can share their creations and keep themselves accountable to doing the work every week. Which is just what I need. up up and away journal

I probably won’t share them over here every week, but I did want to share the first, which had the prompt of “Up, Up and Away.” I wanted to use this vellum bird and I used the words “If you want to fly you must first leave the ground.”

I like the way it turned out, particularly because I was working on it while the girl was home and trying to get my attention every two minutes.

Have you started any creative challenges this year? If not, it may be time to leave the ground. If yes, I’d love to hear about it.

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