Don’t Think {Creativity Boosts}

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I love quotes about creativity because they remind us of things we already know. I’ll be sharing some of my favorites this month. If you have favorite quotes of your own, I’d love to hear them.

This week’s comes from Ray Bradbury, who certainly knew a lot about being creative and getting things done. ray bradbury quote

So that’s where Yoda got it from.

It’s really true that the brain can get in the way of creating. We overthink, analyze a thing before it’s done, declare it horrible before we’ve even started.creativity boosts

A lot of that comes from comparison, which I’m sure will come up more later, but the point here is that we can’t spend time thinking about what we’ve seen that other people have done that might look like what we’re thinking about doing. All art is both derivative and unique. We are the sum of our experiences and point of view. No two people can make the same art unless they consciously set out to copy.

Don’t think about if it’s good or if you’ll even show it to anyone else when it’s done.

Don’t think.

Just make.

Happy weekend.

This post is part of my month of creativity boosts. Check out the rest of the series.

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