10 Things to Love About Arkansas

ozark mountains

Have I told you about my Arkansas blogger crush Kyran Pittman? She’s a transplant to Arkansas from Canada, a mom of three boys and a woman with great insight into parenting and life. She also happens to be Miss August over at Arkansas Women Bloggers, and she issued us a challenge to list a particular […]

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liberty tower kansas city

I don’t know why I feel compelled to write a post marking Memorial Day. Everyone knows that today is a special day we set aside to honor those who have died in war, to remember their sacrifice and hopefully to reflect on ways that we can bring peace to our world. Everyone also knows it […]

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Overpacking and Oversnacking


When I was in high school, I had pretty simple tastes when it came to road trip snacking. When we’d load up the bus to go to the high school journalism convention (geek from way back, right here!) it was Funyuns, kiwi-strawberry Snapple and Violent Femmes on the boombox. The summer I worked in Oklahoma […]

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