30 Minute Crafty Plagiarism: Water Bottle Shaker

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I have to admit that the last super-quick craft I made was not even my idea. It was Stephanie’s, and I’m pretty sure she stole it from somewhere on the interwebs, too. But it’s too cute not to share. This was a craft for a new year’s party, but kids love to make noise any time, so you can make yours for any occasion.


Don’t ask me why the gorilla is playing with it. She had it when I went to take the picture.

What You Need:

  • empty water bottle with lid
  • electrical tape
  • paint pens of various colors (I used silver and gold)
  • dried beans (there are both black and white in mine)
  • beads, bells, glittery bits and whatever else you want to have in your shaker
  • a very small amount of time, once all your stuff is gathered

What You Do:

  1. Collect all your stuff to go in the bottle.
  2. Put stuff in the bottle. Leave some empty space so it’s noisy when you shake it.
  3. Put the lid on the bottle and tape it closed.
  4. Use paint pens to decorate cap and bottle.
  5. Let dry a little.
  6. Shake, shake, shake.

See? Totally fun, totally easy, and little kids will love to annoy you with the shaking all day long. If you use beads and bobbles with funky shapes, you can also use it as a treasure hunt for bigger kids (have them find you the bead that looks like a rhino, for instance, or something that’s blue).

Thanks, Stephanie, and whoever originally had this idea!

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