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color sort pompons

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After the Easter eggs, which are actually still out (though we haven’t played with them in a week or two), I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to go with our next sensory/discovery/whatever box. I kind of wanted to do something with colors, or maybe the letter A, or maybe farm animals.

Then I saw something online (and completely did not save it so I don’t know who to credit my “brainstorm” to) where the kids were playing with a big tub of pompons and “baking” with them. Well, it looked really cute, and I already had some pompons (both plain ones and some funky pink and purple metallic ones from Valentine’s) so I figured why not?

Originally I just dumped all the pompons in and added some of the random things that were still floating around the room from Easter like plastic beads, buttons, rocks, a foam piece cut in the shape of a heart, a yarn pompon, etc.

The first thing she did when she got her hands on the box (so quick I didn’t even take pictures of it) was to take all that extra stuff, including the special pompons, out of the tub.

extra sensory stuff
All the "extra" sensory stuff after the Bit filtered it out!

Then she started sorting by color, which is one of her favorite things right now and part of the reason I wanted to do something multicolored.

color sort pompons
Sorting pompons into different colored bowls.

I know we have more of those plastic bowls in different colors. Somewhere. The blue one is actually in the bathroom, where a plastic frog has been getting a bath for nearly a week!

I happened to be at the dollar store the other day getting a bunch of little containers for the playdough making binge I’m about to go on, so I got some more of the bright colored pompons there and will go ahead and bury all the textured stuff again and see what happens.

How do you play with/use pompons with your kids? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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