Wanted: Local Moms with Adorable Babies

cotton shrug

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cotton shrug
See how cute this shrug is with a kid in it?

People who keep in touch with me on a semi-regular basis know that I’m working on a book all about knitting for babies. It will feature a bunch of relatively easy but still fun designs for kids from birth to age 1.

The key to any book like this is having pictures of kids in the outfits and interacting with the knits. That’s so much more interesting and makes the projects that much more attractive when you can actually see how they look on real people.

I know a lot of my mama friends have little ones, or are about to have little ones, so I’m calling out for people who want to volunteer their cuties to be models. I need to know who wants to wear what so I can make things in the right sizes for the kids who will be wearing them. I’d also love to be able to get a mix of little ones and older “babies” to show off different sizes.

Here are the garments that will be in the book:

  • a little girl’s dress
  • a pair of pants and possibly a pair of shorts
  • a striped vest
  • long socks (boy and girl colors, these would be great for younger babies)
  • girl’s cardigan
  • “mommy and me” socks (matching for mom and baby; would only need a pic of mom’s feet)
  • a bib
  • possibly both boy and girl sweaters with graphic designs on them
  • rugby stripes sweater set (will probably include a hat and socks or booties)
  • legwarmers
  • another girl’s sweater or vest with OXO cables
  • a variety of hats, including a girly lace hat and a sock monkey hat

At least that’s the current plan. Clearly those do not all have to be different kids, and they don’t all have to be done right away. I’d love to do the girl’s dress while it’s warm (and I’d love to have a girl big enough to stand while holding onto something, if not a walker) and try to do the sweaters in September or so, when it’s a little cooler. I’d love to do as many outdoor shots as possible, but the kids lined up on the couch with knit hats on is kind of irresistible, too.

Want in? Leave a comment here or send me an e-mail (I’m sewwriter at gmail) including the current age and size of your child and what projects you might be interested in. I’d love to say I can give you knits your kid models, but I won’t want to part with them at least until the book is in my publisher’s hands, and your kids will probably have outgrown them by then. I can give you a copy of the book if you want, and maybe once the book is done I can knit you or one of your kids something else.

Thanks so much!

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  1. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog today; Yay blogger support!!!

    While I don’t have children to “donate” to the cause I know some awful cute kids. If you get into a tight spot let me know and I’ll round some up for you!!

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