Playdough Profusion


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It’s funny how kids go through cycles with things they want to play with. As any regular readers know, I’m a little obsessed with playdough, but the Bit doesn’t always feel the same way. But pretty much all this month, she’s really been into it.

green playdough recipe
A chunk of the green glitter playdough.

On the 4th of July when we had people over the two of us made playdough (the “best” recipe, halved, colored with a bunch of green food coloring and a generous sprinkling of green glitter) and she played with that and the purple stuff we’d made before for a good time that evening.

Making cupcakes with playdough.

Last week when she was home with me, I took the playdough tray into the bathroom so she could play with it while I took my shower (hey, it’s better than an iPad, which is what she gets on the weekend). And she not only played with it then, she wanted to play with it other times in the day. She found some dough upstairs, which she’d never noticed before, and played with it, too (still need to clean up the aftereffects of putting a bunch of playdough in a colander and then pouring sensory stuff on top!).

On Wednesday night, just a few minutes before bed, she asked if we could make more brown playdough (that’s the chocolate stuff; she finally used hers up last week). I told her not then but we could do it in the morning if she wanted, not really thinking she’d remember.

chocolate playdough
The first thing she did was put some back in the Valentine’s container.

Which is how I found myself in the kitchen before school, making chocolate playdough (I did a half recipe of this one, too). She played with it a bit before school but I put it away while she was gone so it hasn’t reappeared yet. But I’m glad she’s into it again!

What toys or activities do your kids cycle through?

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