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artbin satchel

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Yeah, so, I’d like this site to be a little more than Our Weekly Craft while I’m mired in busyness for the next eight weeks (!) so I wanted to let you know that my first post over at Craft Storage Ideas is live.

artbin satchel
The ArtBin satchel full of my rubber stamps. Ignore the watermark; I stole this from myself!

It’s about trying out an ArtBin Super Satchel to store my rubber stamps. It works pretty well and, bonus, keeps them all in one place.

The girl’s big birthday party is tomorrow so I’ll have some crafty goodness (rainbow-colored pom-pom garlands!) to share with you next week. And in the meantime I’m doing a ton of knitting, had a couple of photo shoots for the book and am gearing up hopefully to do a couple more next week. It’s good busy, but it’s really busy.

What are you up to?

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  1. Great, I’m doing this one also. I really hated my art materials being misplaced all the time that’s why I decided to put all of them in a container. Those rubber stamps are a bit big though that’s why I had to resort to my cabinet. lol, so neat

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