The Easiest Fairy Wand Ever

fairy wand

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The trouble with being the child of a crafter is that she (the crafter) often has her own agenda, a running list — real or just in her head — of things that need to be made. So when you come to her with a specific request it doesn’t always get fulfilled quickly. Or ever, honestly (never did get my child a new hat this past winter!). make an easy fairy wand

But yesterday the Bit asked for a fairy wand. She has one my mom made — she covered a dowel with knitting and made a pom-pom for the top — but she’s rough on it, so I thought I’d make her one a little more durable.

I didn’t expect to get it done so fast, but we’ve been having intermittent Internet outages this week, and during one of them I decided to put this together. It’s the easiest thing in the world, and if you’re a crafter you probably already have all this stuff in your house. I barely had to leave my office (alas, I had no sparkly stickers there) to make this one.

What You’ll Need

  • wooden dowel
  • craft knife and/or scissors
  • paint and brush
  • sticky-backed craft foam
  • cookie cutter or something else with a star shape
  • stickers

What You’ll Do

  1. If you have a long dowel like I did, cut it down to size. I made mine 14 inches, with about 2 inches being inside the star part. Use your craft knife to score the dowel, then just snap it (the raw edge will be hidden inside the star).
  2. Paint the dowel the color of your choice. Our choice is always purple. star cutouts fairy wand
  3. While the paint is drying, cut out two star shapes from the sticky-backed craft foam. If you have a star cookie cutter, you can just press the cutter into the foam to make cutting lines. Use your craft knife or scissors to cut out the shapes. blinged out fairy wand
  4. Decorate with sparkly stickers of your choice.  Or let your kid decorate it. I wanted this project to be completely done for her when she got home from school, so I did it myself, but this would be a great project for the kids to help with, too.fairy wand assembly
  5. Once the paint is dry (it won’t take long), take the sticker back off one of the star shapes. Put the dowel so about 2 inches of it will be covered by the stars. finished fairy wand
  6. Take the sticker off the other star and press them together.

Project Ideas

Beyond letting your kids put their own stickers on, you could also break out the markers and paint to make them even more original. Or try glitter glue.

You can also tie ribbons to the wand to make it extra fancy, or wrap the wooden part in ribbon and glue down if you have a frilly fairy in your house.

fairy wand
My little fairy put a spell on me.

The Bit likes hers just the way it is. She was going around this morning doing the spell “funny, funny, funny,” which makes people laugh. That’s good magic right there.

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