Quick Cleanup Tip for Paint Palettes and Brushes

cleaning paint palette

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I’m a huge fan of reusable paint palettes for projects for myself and the Bit — I even save plastic lids for this very purpose. But one problem with them is that you have to clean them.

messy paint cleanup
The Bit likes to mix the colors. And abuse the brush.

When you have a kid artist at home, both palette and brush can be pretty messy by the end of an art experience. And both can be a bit of a pain to clean.

I figured out a way to make it easier on myself, and to make the cleanup a little less messy. It seems so obvious that it feels a little silly to write about it, but if I had to discover it maybe it can help some other people, too.

Use the paintbrush to help clean the palette.

cleaning paint palette
I’m not really left-handed, but you get the idea.

Just start your water running and swipe the brush over the remaining paint. This helps remove the paint more easily than just running water over it, and you won’t get it all over your hands.

When you’re done, use your fingers to get any remaining paint off the brush, and use a paper towel to dry.

Easy peasy, and you’ll always be ready for the next creative adventure.

Do you have any time- and effort-saving tips for crafting with kids? I’d love to hear them!

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