A Simple, Sweet Father’s Day Gift

fathers day paintings

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I’ve been meaning to blog about one of the things we do for Father’s Day for a couple of years now, which is just evidence that Father’s Day always sneaks up on me. fathers day painting

For the past two years, since the Bit was on the verge of being two, I’ve had her paint a little 4×4 canvas.

I don’t give her any direction. It’s done when she says, or when she wanders away from it. fathers day paintings

The one on the left is hers from 2011. The one on the right is last year’s. We haven’t done this year’s yet, but at this age it doesn’t take long.

My initial plan was to have husband take these to work, replacing the painting each year. Then, once we get enough of them, we can start hanging them in a group on the wall.

They never left the house, but it’s still cute on his desk at home.

I hope to keep doing these as long as the Bit will submit to it, and one day hopefully we’ll have a whole gallery of her tiny creations.

Do you have any crafty Father’s Day traditions? I’d love to hear about them!

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  1. Love this idea! I usually have my son make a different project each year, but your idea of having a progression of small canvases would be a very special keepsake when your child is grown.

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