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So, remember how I couldn’t stop talking about being a part of the awesome Listen to Your Mother show back in May? And how I promised I would let you watch the video?

Well, the videos are up, and here is mine. I think watching it may have been scarier than actually doing it. I didn’t realize it took so long for me to get my first laugh. Or that I looked down as much as I did. I was sure I looked up more than that!

Also, now I understand why were weren’t supposed to wear black, because I do kind of look like I have no body. But damn it, it’s the only cute dress I own.

This is probably mostly safe for work, though there is a very brief part about sex.

By the way, the LTYM 2013 VIDEO LAUNCH is thanks to national video sponsor The Partnership at We’re proud to promote their message of preventing prescription drug misuse and abuse! Join the growing number of parents pledging to end this epidemic.

If you want to check out the other amazing ladies and gent who read with me, visit the You Tube channel, which also has last year’s essays on it. (Most of this year is toward the bottom, Margaret through Brian, and then Lauren is further up for some reason.)

I’m really glad I made myself do this.

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