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quick & easy baby knits

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If you follow me anywhere on social media, you probably already know that my book, Quick & Easy Baby Knits has been released out into the world. (And if you don’t follow me on social media, go click on some of those buttons at the top right, why don’t you?)quick & easy baby knits

This came as a bit of a shock, because its stated release date was August 1.

I should know by now that anything having to do with me and babies is going to happen early.

The book started shipping last Friday, which sent me into a tizzy of stress and emails and worry (since it started shipping before I even got my “advance” copies from the publisher) and self-doubt and excitement and feeling like I needed to do a million things all at once and not really feeling up to any of it and…

I’m better now. I’ve had a few days with the book, and I still really like it. It seems like such a small thing for all the work that went into it.

But I know it’s actually a big thing.

At least, I’m trying to remind myself it’s a big thing.

Other people’s reactions help me see it. The excitement I get when someone I respect shows interest in reviewing it — in sharing me with their world — helps me see it.

But it’s kind of hard, when your life goes on pretty much the same as normal, you still have to blog and take care of your family and yourself and do all the things you normally do, plus obsessively check your sales rank on Amazon and send a million “please love my book!” emails and Facebook posts and whatnot, it can get overwhelming.

It’s been an interesting few days.

My latest knitting project, curled up in my favorite spot on the couch.

And strangely enough, I’ve been running to yarn for comfort. When I need a break from marketing, or thinking, or whatever, I knit. I actually want to start about five new knitting projects right now.

I’m trying really hard to restrain myself.

And I’m hopeful that now that the first big round of work has gotten in motion that I’ll be able to settle down tomorrow into a relatively normal work day and actually want to make something that doesn’t involve yarn. (Well, except technically today was supposed to be an Iron Craft day, and what I’m planning to do does involve yarn, but after that…)

I do, however, find it a really good sign that after all that I still want to knit.

I’m trying to make some big point here that I’m not sure I know how to make. My first book happened so fast and was disappointing for a lot of reasons, and I’m trying to make this experience better on every level.

But it’s still a really strange thing to have written and published multiple books.

I’m not quite sure I’m ready to process it yet.

How You Can Help

If you want to support me on this adventure of knitting book writing there are a few things you can do.

  • Buy a copy online or at your favorite craft or book store; if they don’t have a copy, ask for it!
  • Share the link to the book on Amazon, on Stackpole or my posts about it here or at About.
  • Enter my contest at Craft Gossip (through July 21) for a chance to win a copy, and share that link.
  • If you’re a blogger, let me write a guest post about knitting, kids, crafting with kids, creativity for moms, writing books, blogging, etc. and share a link in my bio.
  • Add a review on Amazon or GoodReads.

Thank you all for your support! You’re the best.

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