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Since I’ve been thinking a lot about how to be a good neighbor with my fellow bloggers and about how I don’t want social media to be all about what I feel like I should do, I’ve been trying to figure out what it is that I actually enjoy about social.

And that’s actually pretty easy: it’s the conversations.

I like feeling like my blog readers are friends, and like I have a circle of friends who are bloggers that communicate with each other, at least in part, through our blogs.commenting on blogs

As a blogger, I know it’s not fun to feel like no one is listening. And a like on Facebook isn’t quite the same as someone taking the time to actually type out a sentence or two in response to your words.

So, that’s what I’m making more of an effort to do. To actually leave a comment on a post when I read it, instead of flipping back to Facebook and just hitting like or adding a comment there.

It’s hard to get over that reflex to use Facebook for everything, and I still have to be conscious about it. But I’m actually taking part in a commenting challenge with the SITS Girls, which is helping me get in the habit.

Now when I visit blogs I try to think about if there’s something I can add to the conversation, or even just to let the blogger know that she did a good job.

If you’re a blogger, you know it feels good to know that people are reading and appreciating your work. If you’re a blog reader, you probably still know that you like to hear people say you did a good job with something.

So I’d like to challenge all of you maybe not to try to comment on every blog post you read, but to be more mindful about at least sometimes posting comments when you read something you like, going back and telling someone you pinned their project or even sharing something on Facebook or Twitter yourself and letting the blogger know that you did.

You’ll make her day, I promise.

Will all this commenting get you more traffic? I don’t know. But it will get you some good blogger karma, that’s for sure.

Do you comment on blog posts? If you’re a blogger, do you get comments on your blog? I’d love to hear what’s worked for you to engage your readers!

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  1. I love, love, love getting comments on Motherlode and it’s even more special when it’s not on a giveaway post πŸ˜‰ I try to comment on posts, but I’ve been out of the habit, too. Thanks for the reminder! One thing I will say: I know we’re all busy, so it’s in a blogger’s best interest to make the commenting system as EASY as possible. Yours is easy peasy, Sarah.

  2. “I try to think about if there’s something I can add to the conversation, or even just to let the blogger know that she did a good job.” I need to be better at this. I have a handful of blogs that I always comment on but there are so many others that I read and usually share on Twitter, but never actually leave a comment.

  3. What a fantastic sentiment, and I need to focus on this, too. I go in waves — commenting on everything, making the rounds only to fall off the face of blogging for a week at a time. Maybe commenting and consistency are both good goals… Also — Shannon mentioned in her comment that making it easy to comment is key. AMEN, sister. AMEN.

  4. I set a goal to comment on three ARWB posts each day—some days I do —some days I don’t. I really want to stay tuned in to as many of you as I can. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter help somewhat, but I agree with you that it’s important to validate what we write and to show appreciation for the time, talent and effort gifted through that.

    I try not to get bogged down on a post. If I can, I want to make a valid comment about the content. If I can’t, I just try to let the blogger know that I dropped by for a visit. Also, if ARWB is running a campaign of sorts, I really try to get around to all involved in that just to offer encouragement if nothing else.

    Sarah, you have such tremendous insight. I always value your opinions. I just can’t really knit — not sure you can help me with that!

    Here’s to Spring……

  5. I love this post! I personally have been working harder at reading and commenting on my fellow bloggers’ post. I know how great it feels to have someone actually take the time to leave a meaningful comment on your post. Thanks for sharing this. #SITSBlogging

  6. I have been taking chunks of time set aside just to read and comment in my circles. I have trouble focusing if I do it while I’m busy posting blog, facebook and dealing with Google + mail. I have to fit in projects, real estate and family too. I schedule my visits so they can be more focused. I thoroughly enjoy someone actually take the time to leave a meaningful comment, so I put my honest comment forward. Thanks for sharing this.
    visitng with #SITSBlogging

  7. Thanks so much, everyone! I think that it’s really a worthwhile thing to leave comments. It’s good for us to know we’re not just talking to ourselves!

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