Add A Letter to a Dollar Store Bag {Iron Craft Challenge}

letter a bag monogram

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Last time I completely flaked out on Iron Craft, but I’m back this week with a challenge all about the letter A. The idea was to do something with a letter a, or a craft that started with a, or something like that.

Well, the girl’s name happens to start with a, so I knew I wanted to put an a on something. I thought about doing an apron, but she actually just got a new apron for Christmas so that’s low on the priority list.

Then I remembered this plain little dollar store bag she got at a kid’s birthday party. It once was decorated with foam stickers, but they’ve long since fallen off, so I decided to add an a instead.monogram dollar store bag

What You’ll Need

  • small bag from dollar or discount store
  • piece of felt (purple is her favorite)
  • letter cutout (optional)
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • fabric glue

What You’ll Doletter a bag monogram

If using a letter cutout, trace the letter onto the felt and cut it out. You could also just freehand it if you’d like.

Add ribbon embellishments with fabric glue, if you like. I just added mine to the top and bottom of the letter. Let dry.

Use fabric glue to attach the letter to the bag. Let dry. letter a bag monogram dollar store

I think this would be a great little project to use as a favor bag or to do with bigger kids. Because this looks like spring to me, I might tuck some Easter treats inside, too.

Do you like crafting with monograms or initials? I’d love to hear what you do with them.

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  1. Very cute! I did something similar for my nephews & filled them with little birthday presents. Kids just love something personalized.

  2. Hi Sarah! I’m from your SITSgirl group. Great idea to dress up the Dollar Store bag! Not everything you buy from the Dollar Store is particularly cute, but this definitely made a difference.

    See you around the forum!

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