Five Easy Ways to Make Your Office More Awesome

office window

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I’m to the part in my book where I feel like I need to be doing nothing but knitting all the time. The reality of deadlines has finally sunk in, and I’m paring down everything else in my life as much as possible so that I can focus and knit with as much of my time as I can.

But I can’t just let the whole rest of my life spin out of control for the next four months. So I’m keeping hold of what I can, and right now that means cleaning up my office. The spring cleaning/decluttering bug has got me bad when it comes to that room, which has been a mess pretty much since we moved into this house.

I’m trying to declutter and clean up for at least ten minutes a day, and it feels really good. But it occurs to me that even if your office isn’t as much of a wreck as mine — or even if your office is outside the home — there are a few easy things you can do to spruce up for spring and get a little more excited about being there.

office window
The view from my office is pretty good right now.
  1. Clear off your desk. I mention this one all the time because it’s a problem for me all the time, but a clear desk and a clear mind really do go hand in hand.
  2. Empty your trash/recycling. If it’s up to you to empty your trash and recycling containers, you might have a tendency to let them overflow. I know I do. Clearing out that mess is another way to instantly make your office more appealing.
  3. Open a window. If you’re lucky enough to have a window in your office, take advantage of the warm spring days by letting some fresh air into your space. If you don’t have a window, think about bringing in a fan to move some air around and make it at least seem a little fresher.
  4. Bring in some stimulating scents. Last week I told you about my DIY aromatherapy air freshener, and I’m still enjoying it. The smell is not strong but I can pick it up and inhale any time I need a little boost, which is nice. I don’t know if it really makes me more focused, but I like it.
  5. Declutter where you can. If you work in an office, it’s probably not up to you what needs to be kept or tossed. But you might be able to move some things out of your space that you don’t use often or don’t really belong there. In a home office, tackle whatever is annoying you most first (for me, that’s the floor around my desk, then the bookshelves). Even just a little time spent on this each day will make your space look better and make you feel better.

Do you spring clean in your office? I’d love to hear what you do.

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  1. Oh, I feel you on the clutter. I have a pile I’m moving between my desk and the couch daily that keeps growing. I’d love to say you’ve motivated me to clean it up…

  2. Ten minutes per day. That I could do.
    And knowing I’d ONLY have ten minutes, I’d likely hurry a lot.
    Maybe I need to spend ten minutes on everything. I think I could iron a short-sleeved shirt in that time, and I’m positive I can unload and reload the dishwasher that fast, because the kids and I have always had a contest going about that factoid.
    Hmm…what else?
    You have inspired me! Thanks!

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