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I’ve been thinking a lot about productivity this week, after writing last week about that fact that there is no such thing as a perfect day in which you’ll get all your work done with focus, skill and ease.

That idea of Paige’s that you really need to feel productive even if you’re not doing what you set out to do has stuck with me, and I realized there’s a lot we do each day that doesn’t fall into the things we can check off a to do list but still ought to count for something.

So I developed a little check in that I can do with myself, either on paper or just in my head, that gets me thinking about the things I have accomplished.

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What did I start? Could be a knitting project, a writing project, or clearing off that junky counter in the kitchen.

What did I stop/let go of? There’s not an answer for this one every day, but if you let go of something you didn’t really want to do that’s a major win.

What did I make progress on? Three rows of knitting, a draft of a blog post, whatever I worked on.

What did I finish? Anything published, bound off, made (including lunch and dinner) goes here.

Who did I help? Encouraging emails, sharing content online, posting on someone’s Facebook wall, sending a real live note, or actual help if you see more people in your day than I do.

How did I feel? If you felt happy and full of good energy through the day, that’s worth noting and celebrating.

What am I glad/proud that I did? I’m working out more and eating healthier lunches, which takes time away from working, so I need to reinforce that I’m glad I’m taking that time to nourish myself.productivity checkin free download

If you think a system like this would help you feel more productive or just take note of your accomplishments from day to day, I made a super simple printable you can use. You can actually fill it out, keep a notebook where you list your responses, or just think about it at the end of the day.

This is a training device to help you feel better about what you’re getting done every day. Use it whenever you need it, when that “ugh, I didn’t get anything done today” feeling comes over you. Chances are you got more done than you’re giving yourself credit for.

I’d love to hear your answers to those questions and if you use the check in I want to know how it works for you.

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  1. You’re right — productivity isn’t just about checking things off the list. It’s about reflecting upon what you did and seeing if they fit into the bigger picture. 80/20 rule, right?

  2. I’ve learned over the years that I alone have to determine if I’ve been productive. Because what I consider a productive day isn’t the same as what others do, or what others expect my productive day to include. As long as you are happy with your day, that’s all that matters!

  3. That’s great, Lisa. I still have to be conscious of remembering that all the little things I do add up to a lot, even when it doesn’t look like it (even to me!).

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