When Doves Craft Inspires Fandom Craftiness

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Crafters making projects based on their favorite shows, movies and pop-cultural touchstones is nothing new, but the book When Doves Craft takes musical inspiration to the next level and can inspire crafters to make their own projects from their favorite things.

I struggle to write this without using the word geeky, because a lot of the crafts inspired by pop culture are exactly that, from Harry Potter scarves to the Cunning hat and cross stitched Mario characters.

But Prince you couldn’t call geeky, so I’m not sure the word applies to these 10 projects inspired by the artist and his songs.

The Projects

In When Doves Craft you will find a Prince finger puppet made out of felt, a dyed scarf with his symbol on it, an origami “purple crane,” a raspberry beret made in crochet, a paper Prince for your scrapbook, a wooden sign with the word “Kiss,” a paper snowflake hoop art project, a cross stitched song lyric (“So tonight I’m gonna party”), a purple macrame project and a whittled red crochet hook.

The pattern names are often puns of Prince songs, and the pattern notes are scattered with facts about the songs or about Prince himself.

Templates at the back of the book help to create some of the projects, and detailed step-by-step photos will help crafters who might not be familiar with particular techniques.

How Craft Books Make You More Creative

When Doves Craft is a cute book and a fun crafty homage to a great performer gone way too soon.

But I think books like this serve a wider purpose than just getting you to make the projects that are in them.

You can use these basic ideas to celebrate anyone whose work you love.

The tiny Prince finger puppet and scrapbook design remind you that a few key details make a simple shape into a specific character.

You can turn your own favorite song lyric or quote from a movie or TV show into cross stitch or embroidery, or paint it on a sign.

If you’re a fiber artist, you can knit, crochet or sew a garment inspired by a show, movie or style icon you love.

Bonus Resource: Color Inspiration

Or use colors a favorite famous person loves to wear, quotes or song lyrics as inspiration for a project that might not look anything like the thing it references.

I love looking at Palette Maniac on Instagram for color inspiration literally pulled from movies and TV shows. No one would know your projects was referencing, say, “Stranger Things,” but it’s almost like a secret code.

I really love this one from “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and really want to use it in a project someday.

Reading When Doves Craft makes me want to think about fandoms I enjoy and how I could express them in crafts. It’s such a fun way to combine you love of making with other things you love.

Have you ever made something related to or inspired by a fandom? I’d love to hear about it!

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