Make a Junk Drawer Collage {Craft Challenge, Day 71}

junke drawer collage is a great way to use up little leftover whatever from craft projects.

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Do you have a junk drawer or a place where you collect random little things that are left over from projects or you aren’t quite sure where but that you’d don’t want to get rid of or know what to do with? junk drawer craft items

Admittedly, I have little collections of things all over, but I do have a little box that lives in my craft closet that houses a lot of this random stuff.

I decided I wanted to use some of it. junke drawer collage is a great way to use up little leftover whatever from craft projects.

I was actually looking for buttons for a different craft idea I’m sure we’ll get to later when I came across some wooden letters. (They spell ART.) I was keeping them for the girl to decorate and put in her art area, but then I decided the A would be the perfect backdrop for some of these wonderfully random things. letter a

You can do this sort of collage on a piece of cardboard cut to be a picture frame or in the shape of a letter, or any other shape you like. Use a plain piece of wood, a wooden block, or anything handy that you can glue on.

I used hot glue for this process, and I think it’s probably the best for all these random shapes and pieces. hot glue collage

Also, I realized after I started I should have painted my letter first. So to start, paint your background item if you want. It’s really fine either way, but that extra pop of color would be nice.

Begin with some of the larger pieces. I knew I wanted this great green flower button to be front and center, so I applied a lot of glue to the back, then realized it is impossible to take pictures of gluing and not have the glue dry out while you’re doing it. junk drawer collage letter A

So then I just glued. It’s pretty random and junky and fabulous. I love it.

That little sheep. The cowboy boot. It’s so fun.

If you make your own junk drawer collage I’d really love to see the results. Tag me on Instagram with #ourdailycraft so I can check it out!

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