Sew a Tiny Quilt {Iron Craft Challenge}

Sew a tiny quilt for a doolhouse bed.

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This week’s Iron Craft challenge was inspired by the tiny adorableness being produced over at Crabapple Crossings. We were asked to make something in miniature, and because her projects are all about little bunnies I figured I would make a craft for the little bunnies the girl has. (and never plays with. whatever.)Sew a tiny quilt for a doolhouse bed.

This miniature quilt is a great way to use a tiny bit of the random fabric scraps you have lying around, and you could make them bigger for larger dolls, or sized for a dollhouse, or whatever you want.

How to Sew a Tiny Quilt

mini quilt top

I sewed strips of fabric scraps together into a rough rectangle, using the bunny bed as a guide (the blanket I made is about 4 inches long and 4/5 inches wide, and I use the long side across the bed).quilt stack mini quilt

I cut it down to have relatively straight edges, then cut a piece of an old napkin (again) to make the backing fabric.

With right sides together, I sewed most of the way around the edges, trimmed down the seams and flipped it right side out.
mini quilt for a doll house

To be honest, I didn’t finish with sewing by hand like I would for a bigger project. I just used fabric glue to secure the little edges that still needed it.

It would be super cute to run some stitching up and down the top to make it look more like a quilt, but this is great for a tiny, quick project. Maybe my daughter will notice it if I leave the bunny, bed and quilt on my sewing table?

Check out Just Crafty Enough to see how other crafty folks approached this challenge, and to join in with the next one if you want!

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