Drip Painting {Craft Challenge, Day 75}

Make a drip painting with random colors of paint.

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Here’s another quick and easy creative project you can do in just a few minutes that is surprisingly a lot of fun for how simple it is. Make a drip painting with random colors of paint.

Drip painting is exactly what it sounds like: getting paint on a surface by dripping it on randomly.

I decided I wanted to do mine on cardboard, but you can use paper, a canvas, whatever you have handy. orange drip painting

Choose a few colors of paint at random; I went with orange, blue, green, gray and pink.

Squeeze bottles are helpful here because you can just squeeze the paint right out of the bottle. drip paint on cardboard

If you don’t have squeeze paint bottles, or just want to try something different, put the paint on a brush and splatter into onto the surface you’re painting. You could also water down the paint a bit, get your brush really full and shake it gently to allow the paint to fall.

If you don’t like the look of individual drops, tilt the paper slightly after you apply the paint to roll it around a bit. finished drip painting

Whatever you do, don’t give it a lot of thought. Do have fun, and if you try it, please share your results!

(Also, cna you believe we’re 75 days into 2016 already? Thanks for hanging in there with my daily challenges; I hope you’ve tried some!)

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