Create in Public {Craft Challenge, Day 85}

Create in public to make creativity a central part of your life.

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These challenges are all about how to work more creativity into your daily life, and one easy way to do that is to always have something with you that you can work on.

I’ve talked about having a travel project before, and that’s a big help, if you are willing to pull it out and use it wherever you are. Create in public to make creativity a central part of your life.

Having supplies for spontaneous creation at the ready can be really fun, too. Because I had index cards and basic supplies with me at the museum I was able to do a little creating while the girl played, which was really the only way I was going to fit it into our busy week.

So the challenge for today is almost a repeat: create in public. Work on whatever you want wherever you are.

That could be sketching at the museum or the park, doodling in a notebook at a meeting, doing a bit of knitting, crochet, cross stitch, whatever, at the crazy gymnastics place with the disco lights and blaring kids’ music.

You can guess from the picture which I was doing yesterday. knitting in public

It’s fun to create in public around people you don’t know because you never know what their reaction will be. Sometimes you’ll hear a story about someone in their family, or they will ask what you’re making, or comment that they wish they had something to work on.

When it’s handwork, and you’re around adults, someone will usually say “I could never do that,” “I don’t have the patience/time for that” or something of that nature. Kids are usually really interested, want to know what you’re making (the girls at school always want to know if I’m making something for the girl), if it’s hard and if I can show them.

Working in public is not only a way to reinforce — to yourself and the world — that you are a creative person, it shows yo and the world that whatever creative acts you engage in are not a separate part of life of something extra to be indulged in at the end of the day when all your other obligations have been met.

It is in fact a part of who you are and a thing that can and should be woven into your day as naturally as checking email or getting on Facebook or any of the other reflex time fillers we normally do in our days.

Wouldn’t it be better — wouldn’t it feel better — doing a little embroidery or writing a few lines of poetry instead of staring at that screen?

I’d love to know if you try this, what you did and where and whether there were any fun reactions!

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