Collage with Old Art {Craft Challenge, Day 86}

Make a collage with old art to see it in a different way.

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I had really high hopes for this week being a test of how well I could work with the girl at home.

I cleared off most of a shelf in my office and filled it with lots of different activities: books, puzzles, projects and fun stuff to try. Make a collage with old art to see it in a different way.

My idea was that she would want to hang out in my office and use those things, and I could get work done while she happily played.

Didn’t happen. She didn’t even set foot upstairs from last Saturday through yesterday.

One of the things I set up for her was a collage with old art project. collage old art materials

I’d been going through some of her (and my) old projects and there were some things I thought were ripe for reuse, mostly things with simple lines and bold colors. shapes for art collage

I cut one mostly green page into long rectangles for stems. I cut leaf and petal shapes, rectangles, squares and triangles.

I pulled out some paper punches and made large circles, as well as hearts and stars. old art flower collage

The idea was to use them to make spring flowers, which is what I did first. old art collage

Then I just used some to make a design.

I hope she’ll still come to this project at some point, and she’ll have my examples as inspiration when she does, but this is a fun way for anyone to give old art a new look. They’re great decorations for a playroom, art area or studio, too.

If you or your kids try this one I’d love to see the results. Add an #ourdailycraft hashtag on Instagram.

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