Make a Repeating Pattern {Craft Challenge, Day 87}

Make a repeating pattern to decorate a page.

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Today, the last day of spring break, I am finally getting my wish of the girl creating and playing in my office while I work.

And naturally, I had no inspiration for today’s craft challenge. Make a repeating pattern to decorate a page.

Some days are like that. It’s been a very long week with very little alone time, which I really need to thrive and have good, creative ideas.

When I have trouble getting things to flow, I often go back to doodling.

This one ended up kind of like the using shapes to outline a pattern project from last week, but there’s no shape involved. Just make a repeating pattern.part of a repeating pattern
And some more and more.

I realized I’m not very good at consistency in my shapes.
starting a repeating pattern

But it was still kind of fun.

When I ran out of ideas (and most of the handy colors) I started again, working the same patterns in reverse order (dash-dot instead of dot-dash).make a repeating pattern

It was just a tiny bit of creativity to come up with which pattern to use for each line and what color to pick next, but at least it was something.

And as I write this the girl is making her own patterns on her own project while sitting on the floor.anna's pattern bookmark

Which is just what I wanted, it only took all week to get there. She says they would be great bookmarks.

If you try making your own patterns, I’d love to see the results or here how it was for you.

What do you make when you have no ideas? I’d love to hear your thoughts on that as well!

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