Paper Weaving {Craft Challenge, Day 30}

Paper weaving is a fun, easy, meditative project you can do with any paper you have handy.

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I’m a little obsessed with weaving right now, which is going to show over the next few days of challenges.

I love weaving because it’s so simple. You can do it with any sorts of materials, as we are going to this week. The motions are simple, repetitive, meditative. Paper weaving is a fun, easy, meditative project you can do with any paper you have handy.

It’s something we probably all tried as kids, so it feels easy, there’s no pressure for a certain outcome.

And the results are pretty much always beautiful.

Today I decided to pull some old art out of a bag I was taking to the recycling bin and to do some paper weaving of two paintings together.

If you don’t have old art lying around you can scribble on a couple of pages using different colors or materials. Or use junk mail or pages from magazines.

How to Get Started Paper Weavingpaper for weaving

For this project you need at least two pages, but you can use as many as you like. cutting paper for weaving

Decide which piece will be the “warp” or the frame for the weaving to be worked on.

Take your scissors and begin cutting an inch or so from the bottom and the side of the paper. Cut up until you’re about an inch from the top. paper warp for weaving

Repeat across as many times as you like. I tried to space mine evenly but didn’t try that hard. paper strips for weaving

Next, cut your other piece or pieces into strips. Again, I tried to make them about the same width but it’s no big deal at all.

Mix them up a bit so you’re not weaving the picture back together in the same order. beginning paper weaving

Remember the way? Over, under, over, under across, then under, over, under, over for the next one.

Keep going until your page is full. paper weaving

As I was doing this I remembered weaving paper placemats at school, probably for Thanksgiving or something.

Did you do this craft long ago? I’d love to know what memories it sparked.

And if you try it again, I’d love to see your creations with the tag #ourdailycraft.

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