Paint a Stick

Paint a stick for an easy, fun creative challenge inspired by nature

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Following in the vein of needing easy crafts that I knew I could accomplish this week, I decided to do something that’s been on my list for some time but I hadn’t done it because it seemed too easy.

Nothing was too easy for this week. Paint a stick for an easy, fun creative challenge inspired by nature

Today all we’re going to do is paint a stick.

I already had this one in my house, so it was easy for me to get started on this project. You may have to go outside and find a little branch if your child doesn’t provide you with a steady supply.

I like this one because it’s nice and straight and will be perfect for using in another project later.stick for painting

Then all you need is some paint and a brush, and maybe the box from yesterday to hold your stick as you paint and while it stick

This ended up needing a lot less paint than I anticipated. I painted the whole stick light blue (Americana Indian Turquoise, to be precise), then while it was still wet and completely randomly I brushed on some green (Festive Green, in fact).blue and green stick

While you paint, you might think about where the stick came from, what tree it was on, how long it might have been there before it fell off. Appreciate nature for giving you this thing to create with.

Then just let it dry. It might be cool for a centerpiece, to use to hang a bit of kids’ art or as a mini inspiration wire kept poking out of the pencil cup on your desk.

This particular branch has been sticking out of a glass vase in our entry way for a few months (before I painted it) and it held holiday art and Christmas cards from glittery clothespins.

I’d love to see how you use yours; just tag me with #ourdailycraft in your picutres!

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