Remake a Masterpiece {Craft Challenge, Day 84}

Remake a materpiece from your local museum or anywhere.

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Remake a materpiece from your local museum or anywhere.Our chock-full spring break continued yesterday with a full day trip to a local art museum. It was a beautiful day, and while we don’t actually look at a lot of art while we’re there, there are some sculptures we always see — and I did take her to see Rosie the Riveter even though she didn’t quite get why it was such a big deal. Two-Headed Figure by Keith Haring

We were sitting outside and she was running around like she does, so I decided to draw something. The dominant piece in this area is Two-Headed Figure, a 1986 sculpture by Keith Haring. my two-headed figure

So I drew it. Crystal Bridges

Later I drew something sort of inspired by the shape of the building I was sitting in front of, but it’s not very literal. drawing inspired by crystal bridges

Still, it was fun to take a little break for art in the middle of the museum, and to show the girl that it’s normal to sketch and create right in the normal flow of a day.

If you don’t have a day at the art museum handy, Google your favorite artist or check out the virtual collection of a favorite museum and try to draw something, or make something inspired by the art that you see. (I love the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, which has highlights of its collections online.)

This is another great reason to keep index cards in your bag, because you can always grab one and draw something that inspires you, which is completely different from having a picture.

If you try this challenge, I’d love to see your inspiration and your remake of the masterpiece!

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