Bulky Stockinette Throw Knitting Pattern

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This bulky stockinette throw knitting pattern is super easy to make and a really fast project because three strands of yarn are held together throughout.

When I made it I happened to have a lot of several different colors of the same yarn so mine is actually color blocked, but you could hold three strands of different yarns that are similar in color together for each “block” or make it a totally scrappy project using different colors, textures and weights of yarn.

What You’ll Need

  • About 1,200 yards worsted weight yarn of your choice; sample was worked with three strands of Lion Brand Jiffy (which has since been discontinued, try Basic Stitch instead if you’re shopping) held together, requiring 405 yards of each of five colors
  • One size 19 US (15 mm) circular knitting needle
  • Sewing needle


5.5 stitches and 8 rows per inch/2.5 cm in Stockinette Stitch with three strands of yarn held together. Gauge is not critical but your blanket will be a different size if your gauge varies.


Finished blanket is 54 inches/137 cm wide and 52 inches/132 cm long.

How to Knit the Bulky Stockinette Throw

This throw is worked in panels. I started with one of the wider panels, which is made in one piece, just changing colors in the middle.

With three strands of yarn held together, cast on 30 stitches.

Beginning with a purl row, work in Stockinette Stitch until you’ve almost run out of yarn, ending with a purl row.

Count the number of rows (I got 56) and work the same number of rows, beginning with a knit row, in the second color. Bind off.

bulky stockinette throw knitting pattern

Work another panel of this width in the same manner.

The panel in the middle was worked in a single color. Cast on 15 stitches and work the full length of the previously knit panels (in my case, 112 rows). Bind off.

Seam the pieces together using mattress stitch.

When I first made this design I did a video that shows it up close and offers more details:

Sharing this bulky stockinette throw over here made me realize I’ve had this blanket for more than five years! It is a little worn looking these days but it’s still super warm and comfy and still lives on the back of my couch.

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