Knitting Goals: Your Knitting Bucket List

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Do you have a knitting bucket list? Every year I seem to set the same knitting-related resolutions or goals: I want to knit more and to use more of my stash.

If I’m being honest, I don’t usually put a lot of thought into what I’m knitting next. Either a pattern catches my eye and I decide I need to knit that thing right now, or some yarn catches my eye and I decide that’s what I want to use next so I find a pattern to match. Or I might have an idea for a project and design it myself.

Last year was weird (in a lot of ways) and I spent a lot of it designing for clients, which is fun but also left me feeling like I didn’t knit much for myself (also: I WAY undercharge for design services).

This year I want to do better. I want to shop my stash and use as much of it as I can. But I also want to pay attention to what I am knitting, to build skills and to make some of those knitting bucket list items I’ve always want to make.

Examples from My Knitting Bucket List

I believe it’s actually impossible to take a picture of a Find Your Fade laid flat.

Warning: the links below go to Ravelry. If you have difficulties caused by that website please do not click!

One of my big bucket list knits that I have completed, for example, is Find Your Fade by Andrea Mowry. I actually started it the weekend everything shut down in March 2020, and it was a cheerful, somewhat mindless thing to be working on at that time (though I should have been a little more mindful, since I managed to do just about all of it slightly wrong).

Some of my other specific knitting bucket list items (which totally age me as a knitter because they were huge years ago) include the Clapotis, Central Park Hoodie and the Honey Cowl.

One that’s not quite as old but has been on my list for a while is Humulus, or really just about anything Isabell Kraemer designs.

A Bucket List of Techniques

I also really want to knit pants. So far, I have shorts.

Then there are general kinds of projects I’d like to knit that I don’t have a particular pattern in mind for yet, like a brioche stitch sweater, or something worked in double knitting.

I’d also like to do more mosaic knitting but I’m not sure what kind of a project that might be.

I want to design some socks using a ball of yarn I dyed, and design a boxy sweater using a plaid technique I’ve been thinking about.

Of course that’s probably a year’s worth of projects or more right there, but the point is being mindful about what I am choosing to knit and making sure they are projects I really want to make.

I know that sounds simple and obvious but the peril of making income from things that would otherwise be hobbies is that you don’t always totally dictate what you are making at any given time.

Getting Started on the Bucket List

The swatch for my Achoo sweater, which has long been on my knitting bucket list.

I’ve already started one bucket list knit, Achoo by Dieuwke Schack-Mulligen. This has been in my Ravelry library since it came out in 2017, but I don’t have a lot of lightweight yarn in my stash so I had never made it.

The other day I found some hand-dyed yarn in my stash and I got some Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend in a Christmas grab bag, and they happen to be the same gauge and close enough to what the pattern called for that I can make it work.

Henleys (which this one is) are my favorite style of shirt so I’m super excited to finally be knitting this and hopeful it turns out so I’ll want to make another one someday.

What’s on your knitting bucket list? Whether a specific pattern, a technique you want to learn or a project you want to design, what can you do this coming year to make that project real?

Need a bunch of crafty bucket list ideas to get you started beyond knitting? Check out my list of crafting bucket list projects and genres.

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