Finger Crochet {Craft Challenge, Day 124}

Finger crochet a headband

Because I did finger knitting for the craft challenge of the day yesterday, it seemed only fitting to also try finger crochet. Finger crochet was actually something I’d never done before, and I kind of see why now that I’ve done it. It actually feels slower using your fingers instead of a hook, and my […]

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Slow Crafting

Take it easy with a slow crafting challenge

After all the quick challenges last week, I was thinking about how making choices quickly and completing projects fast can allow you to get into the flow more easily because you’re sort of working before your brain and your inner critic have a chance to show up. It’s a lot of fun, too, and you […]

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Crochet a Chain Stitch Scarf Necklace

crochet a chain stitch scarf necklace

The other day I showed you the basics of crochet, namely chaining and making single crochet. I also shared a simple washcloth pattern you can make with just those two techniques, but what if you want something even simpler? Here’s a chain stitch scarf or necklace that is exactly that. Nothing but chain stitches. All […]

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