Super-Simple Monogram Gift Tags

monogram gift tags

I guess this is just the way it is when you have kids, but the past month or so has been filled with birthdays. We had three birthdays in as many weeks at the Bit’s school (and there are only seven kids!), as well as a couple of birthdays among her old friends. There are […]

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Cleaning Out the Pantry

how to clean a pantry

One of the things we loved about our new house when we first came to look at it was the kitchen, which is a thing a beauty in most aspects (would have loved a double oven and a six-burner stove, though!) but also benefits from having a huge pantry. It’s actually ridiculously huge. It’s floor […]

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A Day of Art

liquid watercolors

The other day when the Bit was home sick, I encouraged her to do lots of different kinds of art. It didn’t take much encouragement, because she loves to play with markers, paint and stickers. But I thought it would be interesting to document all the different things we did, and I share it in […]

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