Sensory for St. Patrick’s Day

exploring st patricks sensory box

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While the Bit was home sick last week and busy playing with something else (I think at this point she was drawing on her white board) I decided it was time to finally dismantle the Valentine’s sensory box and put together one for St. Patrick’s Day.

I hadn’t really intended to make this box specifically holiday because I didn’t want to buy anything, but my mom brought over a bunch of decorations and stuff (thanks, mom!) left from the holiday parties they used to throw, so the box became a combo of specifically Irish stuff and just random green things.

St. Patrick's Day sensory box
Lots of green goodies went into the St. Patrick's Day sensory box.

Here’s some of what’s in it:

  • Mardi Gras beads, since they were out anyway, mostly in green but there’s also a strand of red and one of gold in there
  • a green pipe cleaner with some green, white and clear beads strung on it
  • green crape paper torn into pieces
  • some foil shamrocks on a wire cut into pieces (this was a garland) and some of the foil shamrocks I just took off of the wire and put in the box
  • some green flowers cut off a green lei
  • some paper shamrocks from various party decorations
  • an Irish novelty hat and shamrock pin
  • a little green magnetic box, just because it was in the room while I was working on this
  • a green plastic bowl with green pasta inside
  • green buttons
  • a little green clip shaped like hands that I think came in a set from a dollar store
  • a green spoon that I think came from a discount store
  • a little shamrock-covered rubber ducky from a friend’s birthday (the girl was born on St. Patrick’s Day)
  • a little green knit triangle
  • a shaker box I made the Bit ages ago that happens to have some green paper on it

OK, that was actually pretty much everything that’s in there. Other than the specific holiday stuff, most of the rest of this was already in her playroom (we have a lot of green stuff!).

Oh, yeah, there were also funny glasses.

irish glasses st patricks sensory
The Bit loved the funny glasses! And necklaces, as usual.

The Bit had a lot of fun going through the box as I was putting it together (forgive the mess on the couch; that’s all the stuff from the old box. And Pooh Bear.).

exploring st patricks sensory box
Checking out the goodies in the St. Patrick's Day sensory box.

I didn’t really intend for these to all be holiday boxes, but doing a new one each month is a lot of fun. I know in the summer there will be fewer holidays and I’ll have to get more creative, but that will be fun, too.

Do you do sensory boxes? Which themes have your kids liked the best? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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