30 Minute Crafts: Shadowboxing

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This is a golden-oldie of a craft that I never managed to get posted, but it’s from my daughter’s birthday back in September. I had a bunch of cute baby stuff, like her hat from the hospital (or, even cuter, the first hat I knit for her tiny preemie head), our hospital bands, some of her clothes and welcome baby cards, and I wanted to preserve some of it in a crafty way.

I’ve always liked the idea of shadowboxes (and long wanted to make one with my college diploma, honor’s college medal, etc.), so I thought a quick and easy way to make a cute display would be to get one and stick some stuff in it.

It was quick, easy and cute. It sits on a table in my daughter’s room now.

A collection of stuff under consideration for a shadowbox.

What You Need

  • a bunch of stuff from your child’s archives: I had more than I needed but included some preemie clothes, pictures, a Christmas ornament, hospital bands, the little cards from her crib, etc.
  • a shadowbox in the size of your choice (mine is 8×10)
  • double-stick tape, pushpins and other stuff to hold your precious stuff on the shadowbox backing
  • less than 30 minutes, once you gather your supplies

What You Do

  1. Spread out all your memorabilia. Take a moment to reflect on how wee your little one was when he or she was born.
  2. Pick out the best stuff/the stuff you have room for.
  3. Arrange and rearrange until you have the stuff in a design you like.
  4. Using double-stick tape, pushpins, or whatever else you might need, attach your stuff to the back of the shadowbox in the layout you devised.
  5. Very carefully attach the back of the shadowbox to the frame (it’s like any other picture frame, just with a 3-D picture inside.
  6. Hang on a wall, if you want, or display on a table like I do.

If you want you can update the items in your box from time to time, or make one for every year of your child’s life and use them to line a hallway.

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