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fixed straps

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I am, apparently, hell on straps on summer dresses and tops. Or at least my washing machine is. I had a maxi dress and a top that ended up with completely broken straps, and other maxi that was in danger of detaching from the dress (that one was a design flaw, because on closer inspection both of the straps were trying to escape the dress. Darn you, Old Navy!).

fixed straps
My fixed straps.

Add to that a dress of the Bit’s that needed a minor fix, and a pair of pants I made for her that mysteriously came apart (the seam down the leg literally just broke open; I think it was a machine tension issue) and I had a lot of mending to do.

I decided that while I’m in this bit of a creative slump and kind of feeling too busy to take on anything big anyway that I would fix all those things.

It took probably half an hour to do all of them over the course of a couple of days (admittedly one of the dress straps still needs a bit more work, because you can see the frayed edges) and now I have back three pieces of perfectly good clothing and the girl has two. Make do and mend indeed.

I think doing all those little projects mended me a bit, too. It feels good to finish things, even tiny things. And with this baby blanket I’ve been knitting taking way longer than I ever expected (though I will finish it today, this weekend at the latest) I needed to be reminded that it is possible to finish things.

It might not be creative, exactly, but it is making, doing and bringing things back form the brink. All good things. (As an aside, if you have any straps that need fixing, I found a slideshow from Green Upgrader on Pinterest, of course, that will show you how.)

Have you done any mending lately? Or finished up any little projects that were nagging you? I’d love to hear about it!

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