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paintbrush pen art

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As I write this, I’m peeking in on a Twitter conversation known as #craftsocial. It’s a monthly meetup where crafty types talk about various things related to art and craft, sometimes business-related, sometimes not. Today they happen to be talking about art journals, which is why I made a point to stop in, since that’s kind of what I’ve been doing with my art challenge, only that’s maybe not what I would have called it. An art journal is more Art to me, while my stuff is just exploration and play. But hopefully as I spend more time with it and take more time for it I’ll explore more things and make it more “artsy.”

So far it’s going really well. I’ve managed to sketch out something every week day since I started, even if I only take a couple of minutes to do it. I’ve just been going to the Bit’s art supplies, picking something out and seeing where it leads me.

There were watercolors on top of felt-tip pen

watercolor art
Circles and liquid watercolor.

and on top of crayon

watercolor and crayon

then I grabbed the paintbrush markers

paintbrush pen art
Winding roads.

and the sidewalk chalk.

sidewalk chalk
This one reminds me of tartan.

It’s been fun even though none of this is really impressive. Looking at real art journals is intimidating and just thinking about all the supplies those pages involve makes my head spin a bit (where exactly would I put a supply of Sharpies, gesso and washi tape, not to mention paper, stamps, etc.?) but it also looks like a lot of fun.

Every few years I think I’m going to get into scrapbooking and buy a bunch of supplies but I have never actually successfully scrapbooked a page in my life. Maybe this more artful approach (and that stash of Craft Gossip gooides!) can get me started on something I’ll actually want to stick with.

Do any of you do art journals? I’d love to take a peek or hear your tips!

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  1. I have never actually done watercolors before, but after seeing your blog, I am completely inspired. I love how nice those turned out, Sarah! 🙂 Amazing!

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