Crocheted Baskets Show Your Yarn Love

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Every now and then I try to get into other crafts besides knitting. I really want to be better at crochet but I’ve never given it the time it needed to develop the skills in me.

I hope that in my year of making I will pick up a hook as well as my needles, but so far that hasn’t really happened. (Except for some crocheted hearts I may show you tomorrow.)

Last year I did make a pretty big (for me) project in crochet, and I think it’s pretty great, even if it didn’t quite come out how I expected.Baskets by Marly Bird is a great way to get crafty with your storage.

Leisure Arts is a lovely Arkansas-based craft publisher, and they send me a lot of their pattern booklets, even when they don’t have to do with knitting. Their crochet Baskets booklet by Marly Bird caught my eye and I decided to try one of the projects.

There are six crocheted baskets in all, though half of the projects include baskets of varying sizes. There are a couple of square options, sets of nesting round and oval baskets, a pet bed and the one I tried, the Basket with Handles.Basket with handles from Marly Bir'ds Baskets booklet.

Marly’s version is striped and worked with two strands of cotton yarn held together throughout. Because I’m all about using what I have, I grabbed a couple of cones of variegated yarn and happily went on my way.

The basket — and indeed all the projects in the booklet — was rated easy, and it was. The stitch pattern was repetitive but pretty.Marly Bird's Basket booklet is full of easy crochet projects.

It’s a big basket (I’m pretty sure mine came out bigger than it was supposed to, even though I got gauge) that holds a lot of stuff, which is great. We’ve used it to hold musical instruments, but right now it’s full of dolls and stuffed animals.

It’s floppier than I expected, but I’ll put that down to my lack of skill at crochet and not the fault of the design.

I love the idea of storing yarn in a yarn basket, so I may well end up making some more of the projects in this books soon. And I have a ton of cotton yarn so this would be a great use for it.

Have you ever made a basket, with yarn or another material? I’d love to hear about it.

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