Refreshing an Old Bulletin Board

Update an old bulletin board by painting it

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I’ve taken part in the Iron Craft challenges from Just Crafty Enough off and on for a few years, though I’ve taken about a six-month break from them. It’s always fun for me to use someone else’s challenges and prompts instead of my own, so I’m going to try to keep up this year.

The first challenge of the year, which is the fifth of the challenge, was to do something with one of the materials usually associated with the fifth anniversary. That’s wood, silverware and daisies, apparently. Update an old bulletin board by painting it

I didn’t have any good ideas (though you should check out Kat’s craft; it’s awesome) but I did have this old bulletin board that’s framed in wood. I’ve had it about 15 years and have literally never changed the photos in it. old bulletin board

It was time for a refresh.

All I did was remove everything (and find a surprise picture tucked behind the pictures you could see, which totally threw off my week) and take the bulletin board apart. painting board

Once down to the frame, I did a couple of layers of purple paint (Americana acrylic in Dioxazine Purple), let it dry and put it back together. Quick, easy and it makes that wall of stuff look a little bulletin board

This little area is right above the light switch in my office so I see it every day, and I love the idea of giving it a new look. Right now it’s kind of nice empty, too. And it’s a good addition to my office cleaning challenge.

But I’m not sure now what to do about the pictures. Leave the classic ones in there? They’re from the day I graduated from college, and include some of my favorite people — my brother, my husband, my favorite professor, a couple of my besties from back then — but maybe the photos could use a more regular (like more than once every 15 years) swap out. Maybe tiny pieces of art? What do you think?

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