Want More Weaving? Check out the Kids Weaving Class at CreativeBug

Learn to weave for kids or grownups with this fun CreativeBug class.

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I am a CreativeBug affiliate, so if you click a link in this post and buy something I’ll get a little kickback. But I love it and I hope you’ll check it out!

Do you subscribe to CreativeBug? It’s such a fun little site full of project videos and in-depth classes on all sorts of crafty topics.

I have subscribed for a long time (it’s only $4.95 a month for unlimited classes, and you can save one class in your account every month for each month you are a subscriber) but I don’t always take advantage of it.

I’ve decided I need to start using it more and have watched a few short project classes lately during my “lunch break.”

Kids Weaving by Kelly WilkinsonLearn to weave for kids or grownups with this fun CreativeBug class.

One that I watched recently, appropriately enough, was the Kids Weaving class. It’s just 21 minutes long, so you can watch it all in one go, but it includes a lot of information such as:

  • how to make and set up a cardboard loom
  • yarn selection
  • how to work the yarn through the loom
  • how to secure yarn for little hands
  • finishing
  • uses for woven pieces

It’s a really cute class with Wilkinson (editorial director at CreativeBug) and her two kids, and it’s clear that both kids and adults can do this easy craft and have a lot of fun with it.

In fact, watching the class inspired me to make my little cardboard loom weaving the other day. And I still want to do a bigger one soon.

Try CreativeBug Free

Whether you’d like to learn more about weaving or just about anything else crafty, you can take CreativeBug for a spin with a free month’s trial and one class that you can keep forever:

(And no, you don’t have to do the class featured.)

There are classes on everything from knitting to printmaking, making paper flowers to sewing for babies, canning to home decor to holiday crafts.

There are classes aimed at kids or projects you can do along with your kids as well as plenty of things for grownups, too.

It makes me want to try all the crafts. Which may not be a good thing.

Have you ever used or heard of CreativeBug? I’d love to know your thoughts and some of your favorite classes.

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