Paint to Music {Craft Challenge, Day 89}

Paint to music and see how sound and visuals combine.

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The other day we were listening to music, as we often do on the weekends, and the girl said something about making a drawing that went with the song.

It’s a lot of fun to draw, doodle or paint to music, to try to capture the theme of the song or how it makes you feel in a piece of art.

So that’s what I tried today. Paint to music and see how sound and visuals combine.

This can also be a really fast project, because you want to finish it by the time the song ends.

It can be difficult to decide on a song to use for a project like this. If you listen to music through your day, just gather some supplies and decide you’re going to draw or paint to the next song that comes on, no matter what it is. cheerful paint

I hadn’t been listening to music when I went to do this challenge, but I decided to go with “Solsbury Hill” by Peter Gabriel, because I’ve been thinking about my college days today and I used to listen to a greatest hits album of his just about every time I wrote an editorial for the Traveler (so, like, three days a week for a year) and “Solsbury Hill” was the first track.

I did this in the time it took the song to play. I didn’t clean my brush in between colors, and I didn’t really think.

I wanted it to be cheerful and playful. solsbury hill painting

There’s the idea of a hill, and maybe some city lights. There’s a little heart going boom, boom, boom.

I like it.

It would be fun to do a bunch of these and to develop a playlist of music to make art to. You could do a bunch in a day, drawing with one, painting with another.

Do you have favorite songs or albums for creating? I’d love to hear about them!

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