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I knew when I started doing One Little Word that it would probably be hard for me to maintain momentum and motivation through the year. I knew I’d get busy and it wouldn’t seem as important as it did at the beginning of the year. There would be trips, and a book coming out, and changes in focus that I didn’t know were going to happen when I started.

There would be life outside of the bubble of a New Year’s resolution, which is really kind of what One Little Word is.

I know that’s a simplification; it’s really meant to be a guiding principle that lasts a lot longer than a hope expressed on December 31.

And it’s definitely hung on in ways much longer than a regular resolution.

At the same time, the past couple of months I’ve barely thought about it at all. My Create Action month didn’t cause any great big new movements, and Create Meaning didn’t produce anything more meaningful than a blog post.

Engaging Creatively

create engagementThis month’s theme for me is Create Engagement. I have no idea what the task is from the One Little Word class; I don’t think I’ve even looked at it yet.

I was thinking about engagement while on my too-long hike last weekend, and I realized that engagement means something different to me now than it did when I made up those themes.

Originally I was thinking about engagement in terms of a conversation: with my blog readers, with other bloggers and moms. More like a business sort of engagement than a personal one.

Then I realized that hiking through the forest alone was engaging in nature. The trip I’m about to take with my husband is a way of engaging with him.

Spending time really paying attention to the Bit is engaging with her.

I can engage with my work when I’m focused and having fun.

So that’s what I’m trying to work with now: engagement as a sort of focus, being in the moment, paying attention. It’s a commitment to do better work, to be present with my family and to pay attention to my needs.

It’s also a pretty tall order, so we’ll see how it goes.

What are you focusing on this month?

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