Draw on Grid Paper {Craft Challenge, Day 94}

Draw on grid paper to give shapes a different look

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As a knitter, I sometimes chart patterns on graph paper, but I thought it might be fun to draw on grid paper without having a knitting project in mind.Draw on grid paper to give shapes a different look

Drawing on girds makes everything square, of course. It’s kind of fun to try to draw a circle.heart and circle on graph paper

I’ve done a hundred hearts on graph paper, but can’t resist them.knitting design graph paper

I doodled a classic knitting design and drew a person that of course looks a lot like a robot.person drawn on grid paper

You can draw anything on gridded paper, but much like when you draw with dots, it takes a little extra level of thinking to know which squares you need to fill in to get the design or shape you want at the end.

And if you end up with something you want to use in a knitting project or in some other creative way, that’s all the better. Creative spin offs are always welcome.

Do you ever draw on graph paper? I’d love to see what you one up with if you try this challenge.

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