A Slight Change in Focus

painting creativity

I chose the word “create” as my word for the year in part because I feel like I am a creative person but I don’t always feel that creative. Crafting is my job, and all too often it does in fact feel like work, and that needs to change. The more I think about it, […]

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Art Makes You Happy

kid art

After consciously choosing “Create Space” as my intention for January (which will be bleeding over into February because my space isn’t completely created yet) I shuffled my remaining 11 One Little Word cards to determine what I would focus on for the other months. For February I got “Create Art.” The card says Play with […]

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Embracing Creative Challenges


As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I’m doing the One Little Word challenge for 2013. My challenge is to live with the word create through the year. One way I’m doing that is to embrace creative challenges that come along that can help me to stretch and do some things I might not […]

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Creating a Life in 2013

pin less create more

Some friends and I were discussing New Year’s resolutions on Facebook the other day, and after I mentioned my ridiculous list of goals I wrote at the beginning of 2012, a couple of people mentioned the concept of choosing one word that would color your choices and actions throughout the year. I really like that […]

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