Decorative Doodles

filled in word doodle

If you’re having trouble seeing the point of doing doodles or how they’re really constructive, try this little art project. Pick a word. It could be a name, something you aspire to, or even just the first letter of your name, if you’re rather. Write the word or letter in block letters. I used printer […]

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Take Time to Doodle {Creativity Boosts}

one minute doodle

I know a lot of people feel they couldn’t possibly take time to be creative. Life is full enough with jobs, family, other commitments and still trying to find time to bathe and sleep; adding in creative time can seem overwhelming. Part of this month is about inspiring you to take that time and showing […]

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Don’t Think {Creativity Boosts}

I love quotes about creativity because they remind us of things we already know. I’ll be sharing some of my favorites this month. If you have favorite quotes of your own, I’d love to hear them. This week’s comes from Ray Bradbury, who certainly knew a lot about being creative and getting things done. So […]

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